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Terms and Conditions

  1. The entry will be on first come first serve basis.

  2. The application and registration do not guarantee the selection.

  3. The Organizers reserve its rights to disqualify in case of his/her miss behavior and have provided wrong information to the Organizers of any nature.

  4. Organizers shall not be responsible for any damage , loss or any form of physical or mental harm of injury caused to him/her.

  5. The Guardians of the participant shall ensure that the participant is physically fit to give audition to the best of his/her ability and should not be suffering from any critical health issue which could put the participant’s health at risk.

  6. For the purpose of participation , all the expenses including travelling and lodging cost shall be borne by the participant.

  7. The entry fee paid by each participant is non refundable.

  8. The entry made by participant is non transferable and non exchangeable. The participant agrees and understand the non cash equivalent or alternatives will be given to him/her.

  9. The participant will have to sign the appearance release form , non disclosure agreement and/or such other documents as required by the Organizers in order to participate in the activity of the program.

  10. All rights in respect of this Terms and Conditions are reserved by the Organizers and are subjected to change from time to time without any prior intimation by the Organizers.                                    

    Registration fee : Rs. 200 only .

    Send registration fee at esewa @ 9866318303.

    Note: Include your Full Name and Mobile number at “Remarks” while sending the fee.